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DO is your companion at getting work done in your house, office, your mother in law’s place and anywhere you feel like it (we got you covered). You can either hire people to get tasks done for you or make some extra cash on the side helping people around you get tasks done. You can save time on a variety of tasks while helping others out as well.


We want to make your experience better:
Start fast

The sign up process of DO is designed to get you started either working or hiring very fast.

Hire or Work for the best

Both workers and hirers are able to rate and post reviews about each other for better quality of work or hire.

DO filter

An advanced filtering system designed to help you find what you’re looking for with outmost ease, convenience and speed.


DO is map based, giving you the ability to either work or hire people around you.

Keep track of time

DO tracks the time spent on the task which is manually both managed by the worker and monitored by the task giver.

24 hour support

The DO team is always available to help you whenever you feel the need of any form of DO assistance.

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Your feedback and support is what keeps us DOing.

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